I know the seasons over when I end up spending more time indoors at work than outside.

I started the AASM A-step program this week and am learning alot about SLEEP. A-step is a prep course for Sleep Technicians to sit for the RPSGT board exam; which I plan on taking in June.

Heres a couple of intersting facts:

1. The first 8 RPSGT’s became certified in 1979 (just 30 years ago!)

2. The first Electroencephalogram (yeah I can’t really say it either so we just call is EEG) was first recorded in Humans in 1929

3. We spend 20-25% of the night in REM (rapid Eye Movement) sleep, also known as dreaming sleep and restorative sleep. This also means that we dream every night, but usually don’t remember our dreams.

Interesting? Ok maybe not, but it is to me!

This is Whitney and I at work last week. Fun.

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