I hit the wake this morning at the crack of dawn, or at least it would have been if I had crawled out of bed when I was supposed to. Pineview was glossy perfect though and stayed it that way til about eleven.

I’m probably over reacting a little bit. . . . but I’m super excited and wanted to mark this day in my personal history.

Drum Roll please.

I learned two new tricks this weekend!

Yes yes, I know. I successfully slide some surface 360’s and this morning I somehow ended up trying a 180’s over the wake. The first time happened completely by accident. I was trying to pop off my toes, but some how just ended up spinning around to goofy. . . . and went down. The second time, I decided to repeat my efforts and landed it.

So now all I gotta do is master it and tweak it out! Oh, and buy some gloves. Double blisters are no fun.

Thanks Jason for the boat time. I owe you $20 btw.

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10 years ago

Cool Nicole! Very cool. You really make me want to try this too.:)



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