Vancouver 2010

Its coming, in just 6 months the Olympics will kick off in Vancouver followed by the Paralympics. People have been asking me if I’m going.

So, here’s your dealio (as far as I’ve been informed) on the USA and Paraolympic Snowboarding.

Olympic level USA athletes are Sponsored, supported, registered, and ensured by the United States Ski/Snowboard Association. As of today, there is yet to be an adaptive snowboarding division in the USSA so, although I am a registered member of USSA, I’m not really supported by the USSA which makes it very difficult to get through the political bull crap that surrounds multi country sporting events.

Canada is on board, NZ is on board, Italy is probably on board, I’m guessing France would swing in too along with Australia and The Neatherlands.

USA (the country with the greatest population of adaptive snowboarding) has yet to get there game together and support our efforts to train, compete and improve.

Until then, see ya on the slopes.

– Nicole

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