The Cinnamon Bears dilema

Going to the grocery story. Pretty basic right. Its that once a week ritual that everyone somehow gets around to. Shop, drop, and pay. Each week I make it a point to buy just one thing to treat my sweet tooth. . . . and let it be known, I am a HUGE Cinnamon Bears fan.

Now thats a record all in itself because, a few years ago, spices and I had a very poor relationship. But now that we’ve endured the countless hours in therapy and worked on our communication, I sincerely enjoy there companionship.

So, I walk into Smith Marketplace yesterday expecting to be walking back out in 5.75 minutes. I grabbed some fruit, headed over to the Lean Cuisine section, stopped by the popcorn bin and was just about to grab some almonds when I realized I really just needed some red hot bears to keep me company at work. With time running short I dashed for the cashier only to discover it was time to apply for a new membership card.

There was a family in front of me who had just finished this exact same renewal process. They were stacking up on grocery bags while I scribbled out the necessary information and swiped away my life savings. But when I looked up again I discovered they had kidnapped my Cinnamon Bears!

With time ticking into the 6 minutes zone I was authorized to go RE-load up on my purchased items and return to the register. Well take it from me folks, the Amber Alert really does works! My Cinnamon Bears were waiting for me when I got back.

MMMM, Cinnamon Bears. Treasure the small things.

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The Green Team

10 years ago

I’m SO glad you finally got your cinnamon bears. 🙂 I was just rifling through my bulk email and I just got the one with your website! It totally rocks! I linked it to my blog. Now I know when you have events near me and I can come support. you rock my socks woman.



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