So, my friend Ashley’s been posting all this stuff that shes Thankful for this month and I thought I should jump on board.

Top 5 in no particular order. . . . I could do so many more though 🙂

My car: This is the largest purchase I’ve ever made in my life, but its quite vital to my existence. No car, no school, no work.

Prosthetic: This goes along with the above, no prosthetic, no snowboard, no walk, no car, no school, no work.

Cool Roomies: Their could be so much drama, but where too chill for that. As varied a group as we are, we get along quite well. We’re from Utah, Texas, Cali, Idaho, and Oregon and we vary between the ages of 22 and 29.

My Family: And especially my Dad. My Mister fix all and ultimate life line.

Snowboarding: When all else fails, this is one thing that makes me feel alive, free, and happy.

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