I met up with my friend Jonathan this weekend at one of our favorite sushi restaurants. Tona Sushi Bar and Grill is located in Ogden’s 25th street district and your bound to find a tasty treat or two.

Check it:

I f your in Salt Lake I would recommend Go Sushi on 2015 East and 3300 South for quality at a decent price. Go Sushi has a small industrial like atmosphere, but its still a local favorite. I love to get Nigiri sushi here.

For those not familiar with the sushi world, nigiri is the real deal as it is fresh sliced fish on a bed of rice. Most sushi goers opt for the Maki rolls. This is the americanized version of sushi and well worth a try.

Fish in a maki is sliced small and mixed with cream cheese, avacado, cucumber, mayo based sauces and all kinds of other tasty things. It is then rolled in rice, dried seaweed, or rice paper. You’ll also find lots of tempura (which means fried) shrimp and crab.

If your looking for a more romantic and creative restaurant. . . I’d check Ichiban Sushi. The food here is a bit more expensive but worth every penny.

Another Recommendation would be Sakura Sushi at about 1600 South and Foothill.

If your just in Utah for the weekend and spending time in Park City, the staff at Sushi Maru will make your taste buds happy. Enjoy the flava!

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