Still Kickin.

Long time. . . . yada yada yada. The Blog’s been neglected this fall.

I took the RPSGT Boards yesterday. Which is, for those who saw the letters and got lost,

Registered Polysomnographic Technologist.
A fully-trained sleep technologist who has met the rigorous requirements to become credentialed by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists. This credential represents the highest standard in the field of sleep technology.

I have NO IDEA if I passed or not. . . . I’ll let you know in approximately 20 days. In my opinion, that is a VERY long time to wait.

Asside from craming for and combating the roller coaster of emotions associated with education, I’ve spent most of the fall picking up shifts at work and dating Tom.

Tom is extremely good to me.

I was asked to give a Speech on friday night at Otto Bock’s (prosthetic production) company party and I dragged him along. He admitted to ALMOST crying.

Its snowing right now, been dumping alot actually but I haven’t made it to the slopes yet. Haven’t actually gotten my pass yet either. I’m quite the slacker. First day on snow for season will be the 17th. I’m not training this year. . . . at least not with a coach, as far as I know, so If ya wanna play in the snow, holler! I don’t know alot of other shredders.

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