Spring Rush

I know its been ages since I posted updates.

But in a nut shell. . . . the seasons not what it used to be.

I trained a bit in January and hit the French World cup in February. The event had an amazing turnout and went quite well. www.adaptivesnow.org was launched at that time to bring some unity to the sport we love.

Congrats to those who podium-ed and those who worked hard to pull it off.

Mens: 1st: Evan Strong, 2nd: Tyler Mosher 3td: Keith Gabel
Womens: 1st: Amy Purdy, 2nd: Nicole Roundy 3rd: Fabienne Savva-Pelosse

I actually started my senior year of college in January. Its a lot of work and I’m hoping, keep your fingers crossed, to do an internship this summer. Possibly Internal Auditing for Intermountain Healthcare. There’s also an amazing organization called Ascend Alliance that I could be working with. In the mean time, I’ll be joining the Program Committee at the National Ability Center.

My BBA should be completed by January 2012!

Juggling two jobs keeps me busy for now. I’m really curious to see how everything plays out. Who knows where I’ll end up. Its a day to day effort.

For now, Snowboarding has been strapped into the backseat.

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