Snow Park NZ

Snow Park holds true to its name. Its all park, with one quad lift and minimum crowd it is the place to get your jib on. I on the other hand just spent BOTH days getting my ass kicked and trudging “home” feeling. . . bruised.

First day it was a zoo as they gave away free lift passes and my body got a beating from taking so many laps in one day.

Second day, today, August 10th, lets just say I haven’t been riding my best. Couple of front board crashes, the wind knocked out of me both times and one nicely OVER SHOT jump later I was eager to ditch the park and lap the pipe. . . . which was fabulously freshly cut and decently icey.

Of days. . . . not so cool (did I mention I feel twice in the lift line the on saturday? Blah).

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