Reality Check

I think we all have days when we’re just going along and suddenly a bite of reality will slap us in the face. Well, you could say I had one of those days.

Basically every aspect of my life came into perspective in a matter of hours and I think its enough to make a girl break down and cry. I’m not about piti parties and I don’t like to complain. Usually I just suck life up and deal with it, but for some reasons I really just wanted to share a small piece of things.

1. I came to realize the other day that I’m just not enough “girl” for most of the guys i happen to know. Whither they’re willing to admit it or not, secretly; they like the shopping, blond drama moment, hours in the bathroom, lipstick wearing, high heeled divas. Even if I wanted to be a high heel wearing diva, lets face it, I’m not and never will be. I’ve always been “one of the guys,” and I love it. At the same time, I’m coming to realize that it can be a problem in the dating field. So, for everyone that’s said, “I can’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend.” theres your answer. I’m just too cool for the school.

2. Shredding. I love shredding and the few people that knew me before I started shredding know what a positive impact it has had on my life. . . . but lets face it, I will never be Tara Dakides good or the Shaun White of Adaptive Shredding. Technically I’d like to tell myself I can do whatever I put my mind to, but mechanically, the physics just aren’t there. So either some mechanical genius needs to get on my case or I’m gonna need some help building a personal year round jib park in my backyard.

3. School. Ok, get with the program people. School is good, but without work skills to go along with it, its completely useless. I happen to know a few too many people that wasted a load of money getting bachelors degrees that have never amounted to anything. Like it or not, we all have to do it the hard way. Work and School come in one stressful package, period. So It doesn’t matter if you have three PhD’s, if you don’t have the street smarts to go with it, your still screwed.

4. Nitch, really does go with the above. It has become ever so clear (over several years) that opportunity is about “who you know.” NEVER burn a bridge. You want a job? Its who you know. You want funding? Its who you know. Want a place to live? Its who you know. Want a Nitch in this world? Made possible by who you know.

5. Money, no matter how much you make, get, or save. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. Fact of the matter is, the more you have, the more financially troubled your bound to be. So in that case, I’m perfectly happy being as broke as ever. . . . at least that way I don’t pay the government as much 🙂

Theres a whole lot of other thoughts streaming though my brain but five seems like a number we can deal with.

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