Paralympic Fundraiser

To My Dear Friends, Family, and individuals I’ve met along the way,

 On May 2nd, the International Paralympic Committee announced the inclusion of ParaSnowboarding in the 2014 Sochi WInter Games. After eight years of sacrifice, we are delighted that our sport has reached such an incredible milestone.

 I could not have pursued this dream without your continued love and support and I thank you for allowing my life to be so full.

 As I embark on this new adventure, I ask that you once again support my dream of standing on the World Stage. The road to glory is not an easy one and I will need all the help I can get.

 In preparation for the coming season, we have several goals to reach.
A New Prosthetic Knee and Liners $7,500
Training Expenses $5,000
Competition Travel and Expenses $10,500

The road to the paralympics is not cheap and any donation will make a difference. Strength will be found in numbers.

 Please share this with your family and friends and help me network with companies and organizations that might be interested in sponsoring a paralympic athlete.

 Thank you. All of my love,


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