. . . over and out.

So. . . . life is good.

I’m not too great at keepin this thing updated now are I?! Well At the moment I’m waiting to find out all the details with the Park City Snowboard Team til I make some last decisions about this season. ie. when I will be training, where I will be living, when I’m gonna work and if its enough to get my promotion. Yes I said promotion.

Way back three months ago I was offered a job in Colorado. . . . which would have come with a very nice raise. I can’t imagine leaving Utah for more than a few weeks though so I tossed that real fast. I’d rather be poor and close to my mountains, friends and family.

Couteous of a certain Miss Cathy’s blog heres a picture of Willard Bay. . . much like what it looked like from my last blog.

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