Unleash the Beast Januray 2017 Beauty Battalion

The powerful fusion of videography and photography captures in a very raw and breathtaking fashion the emotion and the soul. It embodies for this generation and all those that follow, our expressions of love and joy.

Ashtyn JadePhotography

The RHEO KNEE XC by Össur.

With RHEO KNEE XC wherever you go!


Best features for the most demanding users.
It retains the unique balance between stability and dynamism of RHEO KNEE.
Designed to allow users to tackle the most active high-impact efforts.


Design resistant to water spray

Functionality climb stairs automatic

Step to ride mode without interruption

Cycling mode recognition Automatic

Compatible with iOS

Extension dynamic swing

sensor kinematic

Feature mechanical locking

For more information, support, and documentation, visit the product page RHEO KNEE XC

I Can – LifeVantage Corporation

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