Life as I know it.

I wish I had something motivational to say. Something to make everything in life seem ok.

This is not one of those posts.

I’m lucky to have a job at all. This I know, but its instability has taken its toll. Don’t get me wrong, I love my new job in Park City, I just wish I could work consistently enough to have an income that can support my endeavors, continued education, and living expenses.

Harsh reality keeps telling me thats too much to ask. I sincerely appreciate everyone that was willing to donate even $1 to myself and the other athletes hoping to train in Park City this season. Out of 800 people I raised a mere $165. I have $3000 dollars worth of very nice outerwear gathering dust.

Thanks to the extremely late notice from our sponsor, there just wasn’t enough time to do anything more drastic. I hope disabled snowboarding will be more impressive one day, but I’ve running out of time and resources.

Dreams aren’t supposed to be easy. If you follow yours I can guarantee you will get tired of hearing the word “NO.” I can also guarantee you will feel guilty for wanting something. You will get discouraged, you will wonder why you even bothered, and you will attempt to give up.

Some days you will be grateful, and on others you will wish you had never been introduced to the sport. Somedays you will wish you didn’t have a permanent medical condition. Other days, you’ll know that medicaid is better than your insurance.

One day you’ll get great news, and the next you’ll realize it was a joke.

On most days you will wish you lived in Canada with a system that supported you.

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