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Its been a crazy fall but I’m really stepping up efforts to help find funding for the season. Not long ago I was informed that one of our main supports is no longer on board this season. There are four full time athletes scheduled to train in Park City this season. Their needs are substantial. Show them you support their efforts and achievements by pitchin in!

NOTE: the donation address on Paypal is This is Travis Theile’s email account. Travis is a Disabled ski and Snowboard Coach, he has dedicated his life to these athletes and plays a major part in their lives. Thanks Travis for Everything!!!

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Thank you!

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AJay Piniewski

7 years ago

Hey Nicole,

I'd like to try and get the word out about you and your team being in the Paralympics. I lost my 14 year old son to childhood cancer and along with another cc survivor started PAC2 (People Against Childhood Cancer). Its on FB at

and the web at

I think you have a great opportunity to show what survivors are capable of achieving, and maybe spreading awareness of childhood cancer too!. Anyway, if you'd like to share your story, we might be able to dredge up some $ from members.

AJs Dad



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