The Roundy Yard Sale

Last weekend some good friends and family put together a yard sale to raise money for my Paralympic endeavors.

Photo: At the yardsale fund raiser!

The day was a huge success, earning over $900.
A few of the things we sold:

Thank You to everyone that came out for the day, donated items, stopped to say hi and voiced their support on facebook. If you missed this weeks festivities, you’ll have another chance next week in south salt lake.


The Winter Survival Fund

How much do bears eat during the summer. I “recon” a lot!

This winter, we, referring to myself and the other athletes, are gearing up to give this Paralympic dream all we’ve got. Technically speaking, there are some boulders in our way, but we’ll figure it out. If you’d like to help us in our not so easy journey, here are a few ways you can give a buck or two:

Non-Profit (Tax Deductible) Team donations though Causes:

We’ve got $39,900 to go, but really, $10 and a bunch of shares would be a great place to start! Spread the word.

You may also make donations to me, these go straight to my personal account but are not tax deductible.


2012 Legacy Midnight Marathon

DeAnne, my fabulous older sister, has supported my every step of the way. She started running a few months ago and started a blog called, “will run for pow.” Last week she ran her first 5K and placed 5th in her age group.

If you know DeAnne, you would never have expected her to run, and certainly not a race. So this is big, and I’m very proud of her. Apparently its my fault because she wouldn’t be doing it if I was trying to get to Sochi 2014. My bad.

The race was the Legacy Midnight marathon & 5K complete with glowsticks, weird socks and tacky colors. DeAnne wore a shirt that says: I love butterflies. It has become a theme for us and in our lives, “without change, their would be no butterflies.” Last year that theme is what lead to this poem.

Whole Wide World

I’m gonna walk a hundred miles
I’m gonna whistle all the while
If That’s what it takes to make me smile
I’m gonna walk a hundred miles.
I’m gonna run right up this hill 
Summer sky or winter chill
If I gotta take a break I will
But I’m gonna run right up this hill.
I wanna hold the whole wide world 
Right here in my open hands
Maybe I’m just a little firl
A little girl with great big plans.
I’m gonna go and take a chance
I’m gonna learn to ballet dance
Learn a little comething about romance
I’m gonna go and take a chance
I’m gonna live a crazy dream
I’m possible as it may seem
Doesn’t matter what the future brings
I’m gonna live a crazy dream.
You tell me, don’t try it
I’m warnign you that I won’t buy it 
All failure is fleeting
I trust it always has its meaning
I wanna hold the whole wide world
Right here in my open hands
Maybe I’m just a little girl
A little girl with great big plans. 

DeAnne, if your reading this, thank you for keeping me going. I love you and I don’t know what I’d do without you. “the journey is the reward.”



Summer visits to Snowbird is a family tradition. Its one that I remember the most during the summer of 2006. I smashed my left knee into a million pieces on a dirt bike. The orthopedic surgeon pieced it back together but I was stuck in a wheelchair for 6 long weeks.

My sister took me up to Snowbird to get me out of the house and we found Tina Basich’s book Pretty Good For A Girl in the bookstore. Tina Basich is one of the pioneers of snowboarding. She was there when it started, when the competitions began, when it was accepted and when it went mainstream. It really is an incredible story and one that I needed at the time.

I wrote a letter to Tina, though I never sent it. I was at rock bottom and I loved snowboarding, but I hadn’t decided to pursue it yet. There I was, the first above-knee amputee to compete in Adaptive Snowboarding and stand on a podium, but I was stuck in a wheelchair.That summer I decided that even though it wasn’t considered a sport, and the industry doubted our every move, I wanted to snowboard.

For the first since I heard the words, you have cancer, I  had found something that made me happy, something I could be good at. Most people don’t follow their dreams because of the obstacles, the impossible odds, and the emotional challenge. It takes courage to keep going and sometimes we decide not to use it.

The letter basically thanked Tina for taking the time to write the book. And it reminded me that she signed my snowboard at USASA Nationals that year. But I didn’t know who she was. Her parents encouraged her to follow her heart and that’s exactly what I did too.

Snowboarding changed her life, and years later it changed mine.



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