Catchin up on Work

Thats right,

Even with all the fun and games, I’ve gotta bring home the bacon too. For those who don’t know, I’m a polysomnographer. . . . in short and more understandable terms, a Sleep Tech. So basically I hook people up to a bunch of wires and monitor them while they sleep, or for most people. . . . try to sleep.

Now as boring as it might sound. . . . its probably the best, most flexible job I’ve ever had. And check it. . . . I get to travel.

Well sorta. . . . this month I am flying back and forth between here and Denver (Aurora) Colorado to do studies at a lab out there. On the up side, I’m working more than I do during the season, and the company pays for everything. airfare, hotel, car, gas, food. So, if your wondering where i’ve been. . . . working. . . . in another state.

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