Back 3

“whats the easiest trick in snowboarding? Back 3, ever watched the womens slopestyle?” -Reid.

HAHA, Reid is my coach, rude, but funny and . . . . probably true!

Meantime I’m still tweaking front and back one. (I’ve attempted a few 3’s but generally I’m not jumping high enough to finish them) Sticks in the air are the new thing.

I’ve discovered that both I, and another Amputee do the same thing when spinning. Because we only have one knee that bends, we do this weird back seat leaning thing. . . . which of course throws off the whole trick.

I also discovered that if I don’t complete a back one and land 160 my prosthetic spring absorbs the energy and then slingshots me across the snow. . . . craziness. (its comical to watch, I’ll have to get a blooper reel!)

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