ALTA Apartments

I stayed in a wood stove and fireplace warmed house for a couple days with Candice, the Canadian Alpine coach. I’ve never actually fallen asleep watching the flames flicker so that was a highlight. (kind of a pain too; always re-lighting fires)

I headed back up to Cardrona with some new friends, Keelan and Andy. Andy has a. . . . . . van with character. You’ll find a lot of camper vans with been-lived in features like push lights and portable stoves. Andy drives one of them and likes to pick up lots of hitch hikers.

We chased powder in the morning then finally convinced Keelan to brave the park in the afternoon. A few snaps from the day:

Then I hitched a ride to Queenstown with a semi-large NZ homie. I think I waited maybe five minutes tops.

He dropped me off in downtown so I dragged by gear to The Bead Shop for some directions. It was supposed to be a 15 minute walk, but what they didn’t tell me was that it was mostly up hill and I’m not talking wimpy hills. The view was killer thought:

I think, with all my gear and fatigued limbs, It took a good 30 minutes to drag my gear to Alta Apartments.

I was mighty grateful to find running water and a toilet! On the way I passed a place called “The Last Resort.” Get it?! Classic.

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