Sun Valley with the Winders

Toms family allowed me to join them for a trip to Sun Valley this week.
Sun Valley is like almost any other ski resort during the summer. Swimming, rock skipping, paddle boats, window snooping, candy, Mad Gab, food and more food. You get the idea. Its a beautiful place to be.
First thing we did was rent Paddle Boats. . . I have all the evidence! Followed by Ice Skating!
We rented bikes the next day (probably about 20 of us total) and ventured up to the Ernest Hemingway memorial. Its built in a slightly wooded area next to a steam. Its a georgeous little spot and so peaceful. Thanks for a great trip!!!

Alex, Faith and Lynn Lee

Brent and Monica

Keegan and Amber



Bear Lake for the 4th!!

Mr. Clayton and Mis Kristina, invited us (“US” being Tom and myself) to Bear Lake for the 4th of July weekend.
Aside from being allergic to the cottonwood trees and the not so ideal nightly temperatures, it was a great trip!
Tom taught me how to fish . . . although I haven’t caught anything yet. 🙂 Happy Campin!



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