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Fall is creeping around the corner, and while I’m excited for snow to fall, its also that stressful time of year when I’m waiting for things to come together. . . and not really knowing how and if I’ll get to train this season.

I haven’t been too great and blogging this month but heres a snappy update:

1. Work is slow so I’ve got lots of down time!
2. School is for cooler people than me. I was taking a Chemistry class but decided to flop back to Marketing. It was too late to switch classes and given that I don’t actually have the funds, I’m out for the semester.

3. I have a man.
4 .He met my mother.

5. PCSBT has a new director so I don’t have the footy from New Zealand yet.

6. I need a racing snowboard. . . as boring as that sounds, its gotta be done.
7. I’m considering plasma donation.

8. In case you didn’t notice, this list is in no particular order.
9. I’m going camping this weekend.

10. This is TOM. He took me to the State Fair

Make A Wish Video


This went down back in July but I just got around to looking it up. Its kind of long, but I come in at about 3 minutes. (ps: the footy, which I had never seen, is from my first season so be nice!)



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