ParkLife Invitational Rail Jam: Queenstown, NZ

Last night the rail jam went down in Queenstown.

The scene was jumpin with local beats, awesome shred, and plenty of stoked-ness.

Check out the snow-rev post

The TNT Crew provided some “mid-time” talent demo before the Parklife Final. I only had my point and shoot on me so this is all you get:

A Day with the TNT Freestyle Crew

The Remarkables, as far as I’m concerned, holds true to their name. The view its self is worth a trip up the dirt road. Today turned out to be a “remarkable”NZ style powder day. I would compare the snow to Lake Tahoe; Get it while its fresh cause it gets heavier and wet.

Visibility wasn’t great and since I didn’t know the mountains terrain I found myself trailing behind and watching the board of the person in front of me. Lets just say I had a few surprises and got a great workout! In the afternoon we hit up the park and hiked a flat down rail and box.

TNT Freestyle NZ is a unique team based in Queenstown New Zealand. Dan Grenville, Mark Anderson, Henry Baldwin (ski coach) and the rest of ParkLife team head up the shred. For details on the team go to or

Heres evidence from the day:

ALTA Apartments

I stayed in a wood stove and fireplace warmed house for a couple days with Candice, the Canadian Alpine coach. I’ve never actually fallen asleep watching the flames flicker so that was a highlight. (kind of a pain too; always re-lighting fires)

I headed back up to Cardrona with some new friends, Keelan and Andy. Andy has a. . . . . . van with character. You’ll find a lot of camper vans with been-lived in features like push lights and portable stoves. Andy drives one of them and likes to pick up lots of hitch hikers.

We chased powder in the morning then finally convinced Keelan to brave the park in the afternoon. A few snaps from the day:

Then I hitched a ride to Queenstown with a semi-large NZ homie. I think I waited maybe five minutes tops.

He dropped me off in downtown so I dragged by gear to The Bead Shop for some directions. It was supposed to be a 15 minute walk, but what they didn’t tell me was that it was mostly up hill and I’m not talking wimpy hills. The view was killer thought:

I think, with all my gear and fatigued limbs, It took a good 30 minutes to drag my gear to Alta Apartments.

I was mighty grateful to find running water and a toilet! On the way I passed a place called “The Last Resort.” Get it?! Classic.

Week Two

With competition week behind me, I shifted by plans to accommodate the weather and new friends in Wanaka.

A nice storm came in, dumping snow on the pass to Queenstown. I hitched a ride with Michael Bell and we attempted to shred at The Remarkables. After a brief attempt to hitch hike (the un-official, most common method of transportation in kiwi land) to the base, we discovered the road was blocked.

To the coffee shop we went.

Then into town to find me some new gloves. I was hoping my gloves would survive the month but no go. $100 bucks and a day later, I’m still feeling guilty.

Meet my new gloves:

NZ World Champs: Press Release

First Ever World Snowboard Federation Adaptive Snowboard World Championships

WANAKA — July 30, 2009 — Canada’s Tyler Mosher took gold today at the World’s first ever World Snowboard Federation (WSF) Adaptive Snowboard World Championships, held at Cardrona Alpine Resort.

Competitors from five different countries took part in the sling-shot Snowboardcross race, the premier event during the 2009 Adaptive Snow Sports Festival and National Championships.

Tyler Mosher. Credit Jane Sinclair

Mosher, who clocked a combined time of 75.99 travelled all the way from Canada for the event.

“It is anyone’s game, and was a tough competition. I’m so honored,” said Mosher. “I wasn’t snowboarding that well leading into the event, so I was happy to push that aside for the race.”

Mosher expressed thanks to the event volunteers and the event crew for putting all the time and effort into making the event a huge success.

Silver went to New Zealand’s Carl Murphy (New Plymouth) with a time of 78.25, while third place taken by New Zealand born Ian Lockey, representing Canada, who clocked 78.66 seconds only .41 seconds behind Murphy.

Men’s World Championships Podium. Credit T.C.Smiley

“The course and set up was awesome. It’s really nice to be able to compete and get silver in the biggest event of the year at my back door.” said Murphy.

The first ever Women’s Adaptive Snowboard World Champion, posting a time of 77.88 was Bibian Mentel from The Netherlands.

“It’s fantastic to be here in New Zealand. The course was great – nice and fluent. I have a hectic schedule at home so am flying back on Sunday to be with my family again.”

Second place went to USA’s Nicole Roundy who finished in 89.34 seconds. Australian Jodie Thring placed third with 122.46.

Women’s Podium. Photo credit T.C. Smiley

World Champions Mosher and Mentel were presented with a greenstone toki necklace symbolising leadership and power. This design was traditionally worn by Maori chiefs to symbolise status.

The New Zealand Snowboard Union is a member of Snow Sports New Zealand. Snow Sports New Zealand is the official governing body and National Sports Organisation representing all snow sports in New Zealand.

WSF Adaptive Snowboard World Championships Reults.

Adaptive skiing or snowbaording refers to a modified version of the sport, which adapts in equipment, rules, and technical specifications that enable persons with physical disabilities to participate in both recreational and competitive activities. Athletes compete based on their functional ability, allowing athletes with different disabilities to compete against each other.

The WSF is the only international organisation dedicated exclusively to the development and support of snowboard at all levels, including competitive as well as training levels, snowboarding for disabled, and initiatives for riders of any age. The WSF is a network of international snowboard associations which cooperate all over the world aiming at the development of this sport. Le nations members of the WSF find in it an inspiration source and a support to their activities. The WSF can create added value for all those who practise snowboarding at an international level and it offers ideas, manuals and initiatives. As a result, members are united in a widespread organization with the same objective, that is the progression of snowboard at all levels.



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