Attitude TV

Here is the Attitude TV Coverage from New Zealand. Now why can’t the USA be this cool?!?! Blah. Enjoy.
World Champs are covered

Introducing the Crew

Jacob Levine (Head Coach) and assistant videographer Jeremy Thornburg.

The Adult Supervision Crew. . . . keeping Jake safely grounded:

Mister Max Raymer

Snow Park NZ

Snow Park holds true to its name. Its all park, with one quad lift and minimum crowd it is the place to get your jib

ALTA Apartments

I stayed in a wood stove and fireplace warmed house for a couple days with Candice, the Canadian Alpine coach. I’ve never actually fallen asleep

Week Two

With competition week behind me, I shifted by plans to accommodate the weather and new friends in Wanaka.
A nice storm came in, dumping snow