The general public is quite an interesting brood. Standing in NZ Customs I found myself trying to guess each persons nationality based on their facial features and accents.

I’ve never really traveled over seas before and everyone just seems to blend together in America so it was nice to see the world on a boarder scale.

I also discovered that New Zealand sure does have alot of sheep, a history that dates back farther than the 1700 (Which I knew, but had never experienced if ya get my drift), and a sort of traditonal feel. Its also nice when the luggage trolleys are free!

Yeah so what if the backwards driving scares me to death, (yeah I know its really us that drive backwards), the cell phones are ridiculously expensive, the power outlets need an adaptor and the toilets are the same as the ones on airplanes. It took all of maybe 5 seconds to get my passport stamped and all my lugage was delivered peacefully. What more could I really ask for!

Another satisfied customer.

I would however like to send a special thanks to US TSA for not forgeting to search my board bag. I knew I could count on you!


I ditched the states yesterday. New Zealand just sounded so much cooler, sorry people. But its kind of ironic that I’m sitting inflight reading STIFF, by Mary Roach (which I picked up in April but never got around to finishing.) Its all about the lives of Human Cadavers and is (in the words of Irene Wanner) “Fascinating and oddly fun.”

I came to the chapter entitled: “Beyond the Black Box, when the bodies of the passengers must tell the story of a crash.” The chapter serves to descibe the events that take place if an airplane were to go down over the ocean and what caused the plane to crash. Ok, so obviously not the best choice for inflight reading. I started thinking: “great, I’m flying over nothing but open ocean. Any minute now.”

Of course from that point on every time the shaking got rough I started envisioning worse case scenarios and deciding what I would do “if” the unthinkable happened. I especially loved the quote (sighting a delta crash) “It should have been very survivable. There were very few traumatic injuries. But a lot of people were killed by the fire. They found them stacked up at the emergency exits. Couldn’t get them open.”

The book in general is very respectful really, but its also filled with everything you never wanted to know along, the stuff they don’t tell you in anatomy and fascinating bits of humor. Who knew dead bodies could be so funny. I’m never had any ultimate desire to study cadavers after experiencing the scents in my anatomy lab, but Mary Roach puts a certain writing talent into her book that makes them very fascinating!

I highly recommend the book for curiosity delight. $13.95 at your local book store. . . . or free from the Library.

Vancouver 2010

Its coming, in just 6 months the Olympics will kick off in Vancouver followed by the Paralympics. People have been asking me if I’m going.

So, here’s your dealio (as far as I’ve been informed) on the USA and Paraolympic Snowboarding.

Olympic level USA athletes are Sponsored, supported, registered, and ensured by the United States Ski/Snowboard Association. As of today, there is yet to be an adaptive snowboarding division in the USSA so, although I am a registered member of USSA, I’m not really supported by the USSA which makes it very difficult to get through the political bull crap that surrounds multi country sporting events.

Canada is on board, NZ is on board, Italy is probably on board, I’m guessing France would swing in too along with Australia and The Neatherlands.

USA (the country with the greatest population of adaptive snowboarding) has yet to get there game together and support our efforts to train, compete and improve.

Until then, see ya on the slopes.

– Nicole

Thursday Twilight Music Series

July 9th marked the first night of the Gallivan Center 2009 outdoor concert series. I got a text 30 minutes before and thought “sure, why not” dropped everything and ran out the door.

Bon Iver and Jenny Lewis (never heard of either before) were both fantastic. Its a free concert series and the place was packed! By packed I mean, find a spot and stay there or risk getting lost in the madness. Good times, good people, good music.

Camera phone snap. Stage is at the top of the frame.

Me, Looking lost 🙂

Join the madness on Thursdays at the Gallivan Center. Shows start at 7 pm.

Click here for concert line-up and info!

Cell Phones

For my New Zealand adventure, I’ve been trying to come up with an “affordable” cellular solution so that I don’t completely fall off the map.

I’ve discovered that the US is on a 900 mhz GSM network, while most of the world flows though 850/1800/1900 GSM networks. I could explain all about that but lets just say, my cell phone is only compatable in the US and areas of Canada.

In order to stay “connected” I’m going to need an unlocked, SIM’s compatable cell phone thats capable of connecting to all the different network mhz. For me, this means new phone and new sims card. I’m not too crazy about the idea of buying a seperate phone for international travel so I’ve decided to jump on board with the US, SIM’s networks. So, who gets your vote for best service, quality, and price?


Goo Goo Dolls

Ok, so the name might not be that great, but I simply love this band. People who know my music tastes know that I’m not big on following particular bands or genre but I’d go for Collective Soul, GGD, Everclear, or coldplay if I really had to choose a whole album.

The band got together in 1987 and my life has never been the same. So most of the lyrics are about love, like most rock bands, but the rhythms are infectious. Without fail theres at least one song that always makes me feel better, hopeful, and happy.

John Rzeznik (vocals, guitar), Robby Takac (vocals, bass guitar) and Michael Malinin(drums, percussion) Make up the trio.

The boys won an Music Excellence award last year and SO deserved it. Thanks for rockin on my ipod!



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