Emigration Canyon Hike

My roommate bought a book titled 60 Hikes within 60 Miles of Salt Lake City. I’ve decided its a summer must have.

In my constant quest to finding alternative recreational/fitness opportunities, I’m hoping to do at least one or two hikes a week. I think its time I started enjoying the mountains I have the priviledge of living by, year round.

So to start my pursuit I hit up “Emigration Ridgeline Trail” with my roommate Melody. (technically my second hike of the season, Moabs Fisher Towers being the first.) I wasn’t particularly a fan of the first part of the hike which leads you past petroleum fuel lines and up a steep rocky accent. After that the trail slowing becomes overgrown with shrubs, small trees and wildflowers. I would characterize the hike as rolling. Up, then down, then up, then down. I personally prefer more consistent hikes with mellow accents but thats just me and my prosthetic mechanics.

It really was a beautiful hike. The seclusion, views, and wildflowers made it worth it. Here we are on the hike:

The last half of the hike was easier going and just the kind of thing that makes you appreciate being alive.

I’m very aware of how lucky I am. I’m not only breathing but I’m living. I have a good and flexible job with a promising future. My family and friends always have my back and my roommates are simply awesome. I can walk (currently) and have the opportunity to participate in so many activities. I keep following my dreams and I’ll be I’ll be booking my flight for New Zealand next week. Hey guys, thanks for being apart of my life and making it amazing!

Meet Mouse.

We caught the mousy in our house. Have a look:

This is what my roommate, Melody has to say about mice: (pictures speak louder than words!)



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