Wristy Buisness

I told my mom I would get my wrist checked out so I finally did. . . .

This is what a normal wrist looks like:

Now take that and imagin the Radius and Ulna bones (big bones on the bottom) 10 degrees to the right. Thats what my wrist looks like. So the verdict? My anatomy is a lil off. . . which explains the slightly less range of motion and occasional pain. Bright side? Its healed and strong enough for wake season.

I’m thinking its just a matter of time til I shatter the thing so I’m forfeiting surgery and dealing with it!


Last week I got talked into going to Mesquite, NV and Vegas this last weekend. Mesquite, not so exciting. . . . usually. Turned out to be a PARTAY! I can’t really complain about the lounging in the sun part either!

Apparently its a trip that goes down every year. My friend Rachel and her ex-mother in-law (or something like that) know a group of 30 or 40 ladies that venture down there to relax and chill with the Golfer champs. Were talking somewhere around 60 people to their own pool and building at the OASIS resort. Not too shabby!

Rachel, her cousin and I, ventured down to Vegas for a night at club RAIN with VIP passed to DJ AM. Definitely good times.



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