So I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for water time.. . . . with a small a dilemma. The lakes are still frozen and my ankles not ready to rock. Solution?!

Got it! Fairmont Aquatic center (which I haven’t been to yet) is in Sugarhouse and they’re doing kayaking lessons! Sweeet. Should be loaded of fun with some real river time too. Come join! $125 for 5 weeks starting May 6th.

Wristy Buisness

I told my mom I would get my wrist checked out so I finally did. . . .

This is what a normal wrist looks like:

Now take that and imagin the Radius and Ulna bones (big bones on the bottom) 10 degrees to the right. Thats what my wrist looks like. So the verdict? My anatomy is a lil off. . . which explains the slightly less range of motion and occasional pain. Bright side? Its healed and strong enough for wake season.

I’m thinking its just a matter of time til I shatter the thing so I’m forfeiting surgery and dealing with it!


Last week I got talked into going to Mesquite, NV and Vegas this last weekend. Mesquite, not so exciting. . . . usually. Turned out to be a PARTAY! I can’t really complain about the lounging in the sun part either!

Apparently its a trip that goes down every year. My friend Rachel and her ex-mother in-law (or something like that) know a group of 30 or 40 ladies that venture down there to relax and chill with the Golfer champs. Were talking somewhere around 60 people to their own pool and building at the OASIS resort. Not too shabby!

Rachel, her cousin and I, ventured down to Vegas for a night at club RAIN with VIP passed to DJ AM. Definitely good times.

The “social” scene

I’ve started my Spring routine of trying to get back to my “social” life. . . . I feel like I kind of put alot on hold in December and slowly come back to it in the spring. So if your in Salt Lake City give me a shout, if your not; give me a call and we’ll catch up.

Some of the girls decided to meet up and rock out at Kristaufs. Heres the evidence.


I know the seasons over when I end up spending more time indoors at work than outside.

I started the AASM A-step program this week and am learning alot about SLEEP. A-step is a prep course for Sleep Technicians to sit for the RPSGT board exam; which I plan on taking in June.

Heres a couple of intersting facts:

1. The first 8 RPSGT’s became certified in 1979 (just 30 years ago!)

2. The first Electroencephalogram (yeah I can’t really say it either so we just call is EEG) was first recorded in Humans in 1929

3. We spend 20-25% of the night in REM (rapid Eye Movement) sleep, also known as dreaming sleep and restorative sleep. This also means that we dream every night, but usually don’t remember our dreams.

Interesting? Ok maybe not, but it is to me!

This is Whitney and I at work last week. Fun.

Breaking News!

Over the last two seasons my “list” of places to snowboard has exploaded. I just received my 2009 Challenged Athletes grant that will get me to the New Zealand Nationals World Cup this summer. I’ve been dreaming of New Zealand and traveling abroad since I started snowboarding. With my budget tighter than Victoria Beckhams jeans, this is it, this happens now!

That being said, Heres MY LIST (in no particular order):

Baniff, Alberta
Mammoth Mountain, Cali
Sugarloaf, Maine
Snowbird Backcountry, OOOtah
Whistler/Backcomb, BC Canada
Stevens Pass, Washington
Mt. Baker, Washington
Tignes, France
Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy
Tremblant, Quebec
French Alps including Val Thorens
Salzburg/Tirol, Austria
Heli in Alaska
Tasiilaq, Greenland
Hokkaido, Japan

Dreamin BIG:
US Open: Stratton Mountain, VT
X Games Halfpipe: Aspen, CO
European Open: Laax, Switzerland

For reference, mostly just for me, these are the places I’ve already shredded:

Big Sky, Montana
Targhee, ID
Jackson Hole, WY
Crestted Butte, CO
Aspen, CO
Copper Mountain, CO
Northstar, CA
Most of Utah’s resorts; no backcountry
Grouse Mountain, BC Canada

Podium Snap

So I have a confession to make. I’m really bad at taking pictures on the slopes. If I do remember my camera, I just never take it out. I’ve also discovered that its really hard to take pictures of yourself 😉

Anyways, I borrowed this snap from Rob temporarily til I get another one.



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