Quote of the day.

I couldn’t pick just one 🙂 You choose!

“Experience is what you get whenever you don’t get what you want.”

“If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.”

“If today is the first day of the rest of your life, then what the hell was yesterday?”

“You are only young once. . . . but you can stay immature indefinitely.”

“Have you ever noticed that the people who tell you to calm down are the ones that got you mad in the first place?”

“When you go into court, your in the hands of twelve people that weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty.”

Then. . . . and Now.

So this is what it looked like 8 hrs after I ran into the CAT track. . . . I got a little happy with the Arnica jell, ice, and advil so the bruise has faded and my range of motion is less painful. I’m not walking with a limp anymore either 🙂

Two days to go . . . .


I tweaked my ankle today on the side of a CAT track. It should be fine by Nationals but it got me thinking. . . . again. Five things:

1. Dreams, why do dreams have to be so hard to follow and even harder to make them come true.

2. Usually I’m an upbeat person and ready to charge and conquer, both on a snowboard and in life. . . . but this season has definitely had more off days.

3. Why do people tell you your an inspiration but would never dream of being your friend?

4. I want to get the record straight. I’m not shy, I just can’t hear you. Look me in the face when your talking to me. It’ll make both our lives ALOT easier.

5. I have great days and I have really, really bad days. Then I have days that are both. Today was one of those days.

Brian Regan

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Brian Regan, but I was introduced to the guy a few weeks ago and I’m lovin it!



Back 3

“whats the easiest trick in snowboarding? Back 3, ever watched the womens slopestyle?” -Reid.

HAHA, Reid is my coach, rude, but funny and . . . . probably true!

Meantime I’m still tweaking front and back one. (I’ve attempted a few 3’s but generally I’m not jumping high enough to finish them) Sticks in the air are the new thing.

I’ve discovered that both I, and another Amputee do the same thing when spinning. Because we only have one knee that bends, we do this weird back seat leaning thing. . . . which of course throws off the whole trick.

I also discovered that if I don’t complete a back one and land 160 my prosthetic spring absorbs the energy and then slingshots me across the snow. . . . craziness. (its comical to watch, I’ll have to get a blooper reel!)



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