My first goal for this season was to master riding switch. I can’t say I’ve quite mastered it but I’m getting closer. This weekend we decided that the modifications I made to my prosthetic are positive for riding regular, but has a negative impact when I switch to goofy. In my mind, that explains why it was so difficult to learn.

(the modification I’m talking about locks the knee into a 30 degree bent position. It can bend on impact but does not straighten past 30 degrees. For goofy this is a bit too bent.)

For all you non snowboarders out there. . . . boarders alternated between toes and heal to turn a snowboard. When I ride with my prosthetic in front (goofy), I no longer have an ankle. This makes it difficult to distinguish whither my weight is on the toe or heel of the aritificial foot. In order to ignitiate the turns I end up being VERY back seat. On the bright side, I can see it being handy in the pow pow!!!

So the good news is, I’m that much closer to having more jib versitility. Bad news is, my prosthetic is far from perfect.


Battle Wounds

Two weeks ago I decided Thursday would be the perfect day to cruise around Brighton, crowd free. I have to admit, first lap was a little weird . .. . even though it was my second day of the season. Normally you’d take that as a clue and be mighty careful, nope nope, not me, not that day.

Instead I cruised right into the park, hit a box and landed on solid ice. Park edges and ice. . . well they don’t really go together. Story short, I dragged myself home with a sprained right wrist.

I’ll be wearing this sexy baby for the most of the season:



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