My darling friend Whitney and I went out on the town this weekend for some good girl time fun. So for this post I’m going to suggest some of the hoppin places to chill in Salt Lake City.

@ Trolley Square: this is a sports bar for 21 years and up, but its has a great mix of everything. Karaoke, pool, and a hoppin DJ dance floor.

Huka Bar and Grill: Looking for a chill Social Scene? This place is perfect for a group of friends looking to relax, eat and have fun.

The Pie Pizzeria: I always get the cheese pull apart, but I’m sure the pizza is great too.

The Tavernacle: I love this place because they give entertainment a nice spine with dueling piano players!

Studio 600: Utahs Non alcoholic, non smoking dance club just in case you’ve got underagers tagging along.

So there you have it. There are a ton of other places to chill in SLC and Ogden but these are my personal favorites.