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So. . . . life is good.

I’m not too great at keepin this thing updated now are I?! Well At the moment I’m waiting to find out all the details with the Park City Snowboard Team til I make some last decisions about this season. ie. when I will be training, where I will be living, when I’m gonna work and if its enough to get my promotion. Yes I said promotion.

Way back three months ago I was offered a job in Colorado. . . . which would have come with a very nice raise. I can’t imagine leaving Utah for more than a few weeks though so I tossed that real fast. I’d rather be poor and close to my mountains, friends and family.

Couteous of a certain Miss Cathy’s blog heres a picture of Willard Bay. . . much like what it looked like from my last blog.

Freakin Fabulously Fantastic Fun

MMM hmm, weekends are awesome. It just occurred to me how often I used to work weekends and how much better it is when I don’t.

Take two days and just play. It all started off with a random text from my darling Whit in Salt Lake. We made a deal to meet up and go out on friday night. One thing led to another and by 5 I was on my way north instead of south. I had a last minute wakeboarding invite.

Ryan Schmiato or (something like that) took his boat out on Willard Bay. I’ve never ridden Willard and it was getting dark fast but there was NO ONE there. Throw a Supra on an empty lake and your in for a freakin sick wake. It was really quick trip as we only had an hour and half, but I hope we get another chance before the season ends.

We got the boat off the water and I zoomed on back home to slip in a quick shower before meeting Whit, her friend Nick and some of his friends in Salt Lake. I’m not spillin details but lets just say we had a good time. . . . before Whit and I ventured off to meet friends in Midway (park city).

We ended up spending the night up there and all was good and dandy til the mexican music started rockin the walls at 10 am. I don’t know how people listen to that stuff. . . . I’m talking about the stuff with a very strong two note bass. ITS TERRIBLE. . . . and even worse first thing in the morning. But all in all, we ended up eating at 3 pm with all the hunting camo guys. I always though Midway was more of a cowboy town but the truth is, there ALL about the power of CAMO. Kinda hott actually.

1 day and 200 miles later. . . . I was back in Salt Lake. Why do I live in Bountiful again? This time with a whole different band of friends. My friend Matt. . . . aka Motorhead loves engines. Well theres something up with mine. its got this thing about 1st gear. . . . air filter maybe?! Well I couldn’t figure out what it is so I drove to matt. Matt and my other friend Matt were hittin up the shop in South Salt Lake trying to fix the power steering pump on a 1987 Jeep Wrangler.. . . . it wasn’t going very well. Come to think of it, we didn’t figure out what was up with my car either.

BUT, right in the middle of it all, who walks in but my old friend Torg. I haven’t seen Torg since I stopped working at IHC 3 years ago. Torg is the kind of guy thats funny and sarcastic but also deathly serious. The kind of guy thats so hard to read but a joy to be around. The one downside of my job now is that I don’t really work with co-workers, its just me, the patients, and a big empty building. Only thing I have to entertain is a buttload of computers and my math textbook. I miss Torg and some of the nurses that used to rock the graveyard shift. I miss having an all you can drink beverage, access to the cafeteria, and lots of people to talk too. . . . . but I don’t miss the pay, or really anything about the job. Despite what people say, being a nurse or nursing assistant is no picnic. . . . sure its got is highs and lows but I truly remember why I left and why I ain’t goin back. Thanks Torg.

Hmmm, well if your still reading this ultra long post, I, Matt, and the other Matt cruised off to join some friends for a Wii Party. I love Wii. . . .can’t imagine actually buying one but its the perfect party pleasure. Bowling was the hook this time. . . . and drum rolll. I WHIPPED ASS. I can’t bowl worth my life, but I can wii like a rock star. Yeah.

Moral of the whole weekend: good times, good people, good fun. Lifes for living, get off the couch and live it.




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