Do you ever get to the point where ya just don’t think life could get busier and suddenly you find yourself hitting pause and taking a breather? Ok, so maybe i didn’t intentionally hit pause, but its been great to be home for a few weeks, catch up with old friends and take on a lighter work load. Here’s a sneak peak into the mellower side of life.

This is Travis. He joined the Navy and moved to Florida. Sandy and I miss him loads.

And this is my friend Matt s’, 1967 Firebird. Isn’t it a beauty?!

And this one is for Nikolai. I’ve seriously been working on my Zoolander pose.

I think the one thing this post is missing is a wakeboarding picture. Like I said earlier, I’m not the most photogenic wakeboarder . . . . . yet. I’ve gotten more comfortable popping off the wake though and I’m working on speed/height before I attempt anything “cool.”

Get out; enjoy the sun; winter is coming!

XOXO Nicole