Ya know what I love?!

Old crummy motel rooms. Oh yeah, love it. You know the kind I’m talking about. The walls are either white with smudged dirt and cracking paint or they are still partially covered with faded floral wallpaper and odd decor in all the wrong places.

Now I’m not an interior designer, but I know when somethings just not in its element. I’m sitting facing south (I think) and there’s an electric socket parallel to my eye level, now that would be just fine, since its above a desk. . . .but its just the plate. . . . with no electrical plugins. Hmmm, Useful?! And lets see. . . . ya know those old bedside lamps that stick out from a wall plate? Yeah, there’s one of those about 8 inches from where the door swings open. Odd.

But while I’m on a complaining crusade. . . .lets mention the other things. There is no handle on the bedside table drawer. The side of the TV looks like it had a run in with a paint scraper. The grout in the bathroom, now don’t get me started with that. And . . . . as in creepy movies. . . . the bathroom lights flicker!

Oh yes, I love this place. Its got personality!

And . . . . figure this one out. I paid a too much on a hotel room in Michigan last month but the bed was AWFUL! This bed is OOBER COMFY. Cheap is the way to go my friends. Want better decor? Bring your own.

Must BRINGS when traveling cheap:
1. Sheets. . . . you never know what you’ll find.
2. Anti-frizz spray. . . . the hairdryers are killer!
3. Sanitation Wipes. . . mostly for the shower.
you might also want to consider bug or spider spray . . . depending on where your going.


Do you ever get to the point where ya just don’t think life could get busier and suddenly you find yourself hitting pause and taking a breather? Ok, so maybe i didn’t intentionally hit pause, but its been great to be home for a few weeks, catch up with old friends and take on a lighter work load. Here’s a sneak peak into the mellower side of life.

This is Travis. He joined the Navy and moved to Florida. Sandy and I miss him loads.

And this is my friend Matt s’, 1967 Firebird. Isn’t it a beauty?!

And this one is for Nikolai. I’ve seriously been working on my Zoolander pose.

I think the one thing this post is missing is a wakeboarding picture. Like I said earlier, I’m not the most photogenic wakeboarder . . . . . yet. I’ve gotten more comfortable popping off the wake though and I’m working on speed/height before I attempt anything “cool.”

Get out; enjoy the sun; winter is coming!

XOXO Nicole


I hit the wake this morning at the crack of dawn, or at least it would have been if I had crawled out of bed when I was supposed to. Pineview was glossy perfect though and stayed it that way til about eleven.

I’m probably over reacting a little bit. . . . but I’m super excited and wanted to mark this day in my personal history.

Drum Roll please.

I learned two new tricks this weekend!

Yes yes, I know. I successfully slide some surface 360’s and this morning I somehow ended up trying a 180’s over the wake. The first time happened completely by accident. I was trying to pop off my toes, but some how just ended up spinning around to goofy. . . . and went down. The second time, I decided to repeat my efforts and landed it.

So now all I gotta do is master it and tweak it out! Oh, and buy some gloves. Double blisters are no fun.

Thanks Jason for the boat time. I owe you $20 btw.



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