Laguna Beach and Lake Elsinore

Just flew in from Laguna Beach and the Liquid Force Maven Session. (these are wakeboard learning sessions by women for women) I have to admit, I’m a little sun fried but it was great to be back with friends in Cali, chill at the beach, relax, and have a whole lot of fun on the boat.

Liquid Force will continue to hold maven wake board sessions through August 26th. Get involved girls! Go to to learn from the awesome girls at Liquid Force.

Somehow I picked up a this cute dancing partner. To bad I don’t live in Laguna Hills 🙂

Windells Summer ’08 Shred Fest

Windells. The sign on the side of the road says its the funnest place on earth. I totally agree with that statement. June 6th-13th may not have had the best summer weather, (we got freshies and 130 mph winds) but it was definitely a session I didn’t want to leave.

Photographer Aaron Schultz came out for the occasion and got these awesome shots. Enjoy.




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