Weekend Warrior!

I love summertime cause theres so much to do. Yes, even though the snow is melting, there is plenty to do.

Wakeboarding for one. . . . I never thought I would enjoy it so much! There was a wakeboard film premier for DRIVE featuring some awesome local riders at Westminister College two weeks ago. Some lucky duck walked off with a brand new Slingshot Wakeboard. The rest of us can’t complain though cause everyone got some free stuff.

The night wouldn’t have been complete without a stop at a Sushi bar. I really love the vegas roll!

Speaking of Vegas. . . . I just got back from a weekend road trip to St. George. Fourwheeling, shooting, and hotel pool hopping made the weekend complete in the valley where ALMOST everyone is old.

On the opposite end of the life ladder, last weekend, my nephew turned 1 years old. A good, old fashioned pony party in Ogden Utah was all the rage.

But good news, you haven’t missed it all! Tomorrow, May 31st, there is a Huntsman Cancer Institute fundraiser at Northridge High School, complete with a massive community yard sale and locks of love haircuts. The party runs from 8 am to 2 pm. So get off the couch and come play in the sun!

Future Events (minus all the random ones):

June 6th-13th Windells Camp, Mt. Hood Oregon.
June 14th-15th Water Wake Weekend, Pineview Reservoir
June 16th: www.nicoleroundy.com scheduled Launch
June 26th-29th: Trip to California for Maven Sessions at Lake Elsinor

Hyperlite Rocks!

So Hyperlite helped me out to get my very own wakeboard this season! I will soon be the very proud and excited owner of a 2008 SYN!

I’m stoked to see how this board affects my progress this season and I hope to through some wicked sweet spins at Extremity Games in July.

On another note, Liquid force Maven is hosting womens sessions this season. Although there aren’t enough links to pull a session off in Utah yet. I’m going to visit a friend in Cali and hit up the session at Lake Elsinor at the end of June. I’m really stoked to see how the event unfolds and how I stack up against other women in the industry.

The Forever Talented Marcel Walker

Meet Marcel. . . . shes a hobby photographer. . . . but never doubt her talent!

I was honored to take part in her “Search for Passion” photography project. She came up to park city for a morning in the snow and got some awesome shots. Take a minute and view her blog and pictures here: marcelwalker.blogspot.com THANKS MARCEL!!!

There are more pictures than those posted on the blog, but they can’t be viewed at this time. I hope they’ll be viewable on my website; which is scheduled for June! I’ll keep ya posted.


Thank You!

I just wanted to send out a HUGE thanks to all the companies and organizations that showed their support this season!

I also want to give some personal thanks to Meeche White, Michael Bell, Amy Purdy, Daniel Gale, Lucas Grossi, Chris and Susan Lockwood, my sisters, Janell and DeAnne, Jonathan, Mom, Dad, and Jason Sherman for their constant support.


This is Katie, my friend Jason’s dog. . . . I’m head over heals for her.

Catchin up on Work

Thats right,

Even with all the fun and games, I’ve gotta bring home the bacon too. For those who don’t know, I’m a polysomnographer. . . . in short and more understandable terms, a Sleep Tech. So basically I hook people up to a bunch of wires and monitor them while they sleep, or for most people. . . . try to sleep.

Now as boring as it might sound. . . . its probably the best, most flexible job I’ve ever had. And check it. . . . I get to travel.

Well sorta. . . . this month I am flying back and forth between here and Denver (Aurora) Colorado to do studies at a lab out there. On the up side, I’m working more than I do during the season, and the company pays for everything. airfare, hotel, car, gas, food. So, if your wondering where i’ve been. . . . working. . . . in another state.

2008 USASA Nationals and Adaptive World Championships

Its always fun to end the season with a BOOM, so after two amazing weeks in Colorado I took home 4 USASA Silvers, 1 Bronze, and a Silver in the first ever, history making, Adaptive World Championship!

It was definitely a week to remember, and I’m stoked with how far my riding has come with the Park City Snowboard Team.

Next season Bibian Mentel form Holland is seriously gonna have to fight for the gold! As a competitor she brings alot to the table including years of riding and competition experience. . . oh, and that she was just like 6th in the world before she lost her right leg below the knee.

I told her she can’t retire from completion until I beat her fair and square.



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